A lot of people often ask me “why did I become an accountant”? This is an interesting question as my view on the role of an accountant has changed a lot since my early twenties. Growing up in a middle class family, my grandfather and uncle owned a couple of clothing stores and I can remember clearly my grandfather always driving a nice new European car. I thought to myself ‘would it not be great to live this lifestyle of running your own show and making some good money?’


Going to University to study accounting and working at Deloitte in the late 80’s I somehow lost this vision and it was all about getting ahead in your profession and doing the best you can in “your job”.  The belief that getting a good education will give you a good job and the financial rewards will follow might have been the case in the 80’s but is no longer the case.


My dad worked for one company for most of his life working himself up the ladder for 30 plus years and in doing so, he could take an early retirement as he had built up sufficient superannuation. In comparison, my grandfather relied on his business to provide for his retirement, but unfortunately, he did not put any extra funds away into his superannuation. The result was that the men’s outfitting business fell flat in the early 80’s with the advent of large clothing retailers forcing the smaller players (like my grandfather) out of business.

Why do I raise this here about my business? It is that you always need to have a plan B and you always need to be one step ahead of your competitors. That is why, it is essential to have a business plan and to know your numbers in real-time, set a budget and a forecast to know where you are going in 6,12 and even as far as 18 months ahead. If this is done you will be in a far better position to handle any unusual events that come your way as compared to your competitors.


World renowned speaker and business writer Robert Kiyosaki in his book “Rich dad, poor dad” tells us that we should all aim to move away from being an “Employee” to the “Business” and “Investor” quadrant. In doing so you cannot do all the work yourself so you will need to surround yourself with a good team to help you reach your goals. Make use of a good accountant or Chartered Accountant to set your business up from the start and keep your accounts and taxes up to date.


My dad was a clever man and had so many good ideas, but was unfortunately stuck in the “employee” rut on the treadmill and unfortunately never getting the opportunity to fulfil his dream of building a business for himself. He also never had any mentors who he could learn from as Robert Kiyosaki did from an early age from his “rich dad”. One important lesson that I did learn from my dad was that you need the right tools for the job.

Dad was a big DIY person around the house and could fix anything he put his mind to. This I have applied in my work in that if you want to achieve something today, invariable there is an app or system for that. Have the right systems and procedures in your business that will save you time and money, do a cost benefit analysis if you think that the monthly subscription is too much. Keep looking out in the market as new and better apps are being released all the time. This is why I like a cloud based accounting system like Xero which has a lot of apps that integrate seamlessly with the accounting package.


At PJB Business Solutions we have extensive commercial experience to assist small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) establish themselves and monitor performance and set goals and targets for growth. Having worked in the commercial environment we understand small business pain points and can guide you through these issues.


We look forward in working with you in establishing a long-term and prosperous journey together.


Peter Boshoff