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Our Heritage

  • Extensive SME experience

  • Big 4 Chartered Accountant experience

  • Auditing and investigative background

  • Commercial and advisory experience

"Price is what you pay, value is what you get"

Warren Buffet

Certified Xero Advisor
Registered Tax Agent

Recent survey indicates that businesses who use the services of a professional qualified Business Advisor are 80% more likely to be successful and reach their goals than businesses who try to do everything on their own.


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PJB Business Solutions

Ormiston, QLD, 4160

Mobile: 0403 989 064

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A lot of people often ask me “why did I become an accountant”? This is an interesting question as my view on the role of an accountant has changed a lot since my early twenties. Growing up in a middle class family, my grandfather and uncle owned a couple of clothing stores and I can remember clearly my grandfather always driving a nice new European car. I thought to myself ‘would it not be great to live this lifestyle of running your own show and making some good money?’ .........read more


Every business is unique, both in its character and the people who run it. In recognition of this, we don't believe in a "one size fits all" pricing structure for our clients.
Our fixed price service offering takes into consideration your individual and business circumstances, and provides a fixed monthly amount that covers all your requirements and provides peace of mind knowing up front what your annual costs for our services are.


Included in our price is unlimited access to tax advice and assistance with your accounting and tax compliance together with business advice as we would like to be your partner during your journey to prosperity. Any advice or work that will require some time and additional work to complete will however fall outside the scope of the annual work, but this will be negotiated with you upon your request.

Click the link below to ask us more about providing you with a tailored quote for your Accounting, Business Advisory and Taxation agent services.

We have 3 packages for you

Advanced Package Option
Starter Package Options
Intermediate Package Option

“Peter played a key role in the implementation of NetSuite across the Allomak business, providing the financial direction for the structure of the COA to derive the optimum reporting output of the Group. Peter’s accounting qualifications and details systems knowledge was a major asset during the rollout..”


Financial Acumen

Tony Mezzina, APAC HRBT Project Manager at Pfizer


  • Fixed pricing

  • No hidden charges

  • Partner in your entrepreneurial Journey

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Our Promise

  • Strategic

  • Strong entrepreneurial skills

  • Communicate well

  • Efficient team

Our Values

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